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What To Bring

What We Recommend Bringing With You On Your Excursion

Our List:

  • Extra pair of clothing 

  • Soft-Soled Sneakers or Deckboots ( Opened Toe Sandals are never a great option )

  • Prepared Food and Beverages ( No Hard Alcohol )

  • Peresonal tackle if desired

  • Sunglasses

  • Suscreen

  • In Early and Late Months, Gloves and Hats are recommended

We would like our customers to come to our vessel fully prepared for all the weather elements. During the early and late fishing seasons we reccoment bringing extra layers. It is common saying that when you are on the water it is about a ten degree temperature change from onshore temperatures. It is a very good idea in our opinions to bring an extra layer than you believe you will actually need. Fishing while you are cold is absolutely no fun, yes when the fishing is hot and heavy you will tend to take off a couple layers. The fish take time to heat up and start a constant bite, therefore there are times where we are at a standstill. There has been trips where five out of the six guys are reeling up fish constantly and one person cant catch a fish for the life of them. When the weather is cold hes going to end up getting cold until he breaks the dry streak. Wearing Grundens is a great idea for the main reason you will never get the clams on the clean clothes underneath.

We also reccomend bringing some rain gear. While offshore or even just a couple hundred yards off the shore rain can appear out of nowhere. You could always go underneath the cover to get out of the elements but if there are fish coming over the rail at a fast pace its hard to leave fish biting. When soaked from rain and travelling from spot to spot you can feel like you are a living breathing icicle! It is extremely hard to break that chill off until you hop into your car on the drive home. You're also putting yourself in great danger to end up catching a cold the next day. If you called off work sick to go fishing you don't want to end up calling again, as it might seem fishy to your employer.

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