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F/V Voodoo

Our boat is fully equipped with the best, state of the art fishing gear and equipment,  ranging from our new Garmin fish finders and radar to top of the line safety equipment. The radar allows us to  see other boaters before they can even see us with their blind eye. Our fish finders are dialed in to give our customers the best chance of being directly over the species we are targeting that particular day. The boat has plenty of get up and go power with the Caterpillar  3116 Turbo Engines. It doesn't just have one workhorse; there are two engines down below! These engines are very eco-friendly, and are also surprisingly quiet compared to other boats on the market. The boat is equipped with a bathroom for when mother nature starts calling.  For inshore trips, charter guests will have to use the bathrooms that are shore bound to stay in-line with Coast Guard regulations . There is seating for all of our beloved customers so that they can ride in peace to whichever destination is on their mind! On the transom of our vessel is a large ice box where your fish or drinks can be stored. Our fillet table is stored underneath the deck and out of the way so that it won't be in the way for your fishing excursion. The deck is fully covered with SeaDek. This material is laid out so that our bones don't take as much of a beating with a considerable sea state . The older folk love this feature because they can physically feel the difference in their energy levels at the end of the trip. The addition of a softsole sneaker with the SeaDek is unmatched! Our vessel is equipped with two outriggers that make trolling extremely simplistic! We are capable of trolling all different assortments of baits for multiple different species!

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