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What Voodoo Asks Of Our Customers To Abide By...

  • Voodoo is a ZERO TOLERANCE* Fishing Vessel !!! No Drugs Are Allowed Aboard This Vessel !  If The Captain Sees Or Smells Marijuana The Trip Will Be Canceled On The Spot With NO REFUND !

  • We Allow Light Alcohol Consumption ( 2-3 Beers ) No Hard Alcohol Is Allowed ! No Glass Bottles Are Allowed On The Vessel ! If The Captain Judges That You Have Had Too Many Alcoholic Beverages He Can Turn The Boat Right Around And You Will Get NO REFUND !

  • There Is No Smoking Allowed On This Vessel. Only Vapor Products Can Be Used. Any Cigarettes If Tried To Be Used Will Be Confiscated Until We Are Back At Port.  Ashes Start Fires And Last Time We Checked There Is No Fire Department On The High Seas! Save It For Back At Home!

  • You Can Make A Reservation By Either Clicking Here Or Calling ( 781-913-6774 ). We Ask Kindly Of You To Call In The Hours Between 10am-5pm. We Love Your Business But Calls At 3am Are Never Fun. Your Trip Will Be Secured Once A Deposit Of 50% Of The Specific Charter Is Met.

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