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Our Gear

Tuna Gear

Our favorite fish to target while steaming out from historical Cape Ann is the infamous Giant Bluefin Tuna . To target these beasts we will never cut corners in supplying our customers with the best gear. Our reels are brand new Makaira 130s. These are outfitted on custom tuna blanks. These combos have put many tuna on our decks. These reels are very exclusive and many anglers have a tough time locating even one of them; we have three of them! We take pride in the gear that we have aboard, as you can tell it sure pays off!

Bottom Fishing Gear

Our vessel is equipped with brand new  2022 Penn Squall Reels that are fitted on brand new 2022 Penn Rods. These Squall Reels are a 5.1.1 ratio reel which makes winching these fish to the surface an afterthought! These reels are fully spooled with 60 pound braid which is plenty for all the species we target on these specific trips! They are paired with Penn Ally Rods!

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