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What do I bring?

Personally I would bring a change of clothing with a set of ranger. Our conditions on the water can change rapidly and getting drenched can turn a beautiful day into an awful one. I would wear a good pair of rubber soled shoes on to the fishing excursion. I. wouldn't wear flip flops as there are hooks all over the place and getting hooked in the toe is no fun. If you are like to get seasick I would bring extra motion sickness pills just incase they are needed. Bring a lunch with you for as we do not serve food. We have water and small snacks but no lunch items. No need to bring tackle of you do not own some already, our boat is fully supplied with all the correct gear for our type of fishing. Bring a cooler to leave at the dock to take home any of the fresh fish that you have caught. Tips are welcomed for cutting the fish as the day goes on as well as cleaning the boat down at the end of the day.

How long will it take to get to the fishing grounds?

It will depend on the type of fishing we are going to do. The inshore fishing trips can take around a half an hour to get all the necessary live bait and getting to a specific hot spot. Our offshore all day fishing trips as well as the tuna fishing can take as short as a forty five minute steam all the way up to two hours. Once we are set up and in the general location we will start to pin down where we will start. Whale Watching Cruises will take around an hour to get where the Whales reside.

Can I cancel mid trip?

If you would like to cancel mid trip you will still have to pay the remainder of the trips cost. If all of the group becomes seasick the captain will offer to go back in to shore but the remainder of the trip is still charged. If the captain cancels the trip due to bad weather only half of the remaining balance is charged.

What are the payment options?

You can pay your first deposit online through our booking calendar. You can also call us and we can do the booking over the phone. We accept cash after the trip is concluded. We can also take Venmo but cash is preferred.

Where does the trip leave from?

We leave from Gloucester Massachusetts. Our slip is located at 11 Harbor Loop. We are the third boat down the gang plank. The captain will meet you in the parking lot and bring you down to the boat as well as lock up your coolers.

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