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Best Times For Fishing





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July Through September 

This month is almost the exact same as it was in April. The Cod and Haddock are still munching regularly and are still hesitant to move to deeper water. The Winter Flounder bite is even hotter than it was in the previous month with the rising water temperature that May brings. The Tautog have become increasingly difficult and tend to creep father away from us with each passing day.  The Tautog will come back to us later in the season. The Striped Bass are starting to show up in our backwaters where the water is a tad bit warmer than the open ocean.

June is when the Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing season finally opened up. There is both the chance of connecting with a smaller tuna as well that is under the commercial size of 73". Codfish, Haddock, and other species of groundfish are still continuing to bite. The Striped Bass are fully in and active. We can find the Striped Bass past the breakwater in the deeper depths. These fish can be found all the way offshore.

The fishing is awesome during these months. Our customers can pick any type of trip during these months. The tuna fishing is excellent during these times becuase the seas are very calm for those that cant handle a rough sea. Groundfishing is great as well. Pollock tend to start showing uparound the middle of September around the size that we like to target. Pollock are always lurking around but the usually are under the regulation size. These fish can be a pain when they are very small. They end up getting in the way of the fish that we want to target which are usually well over regulation.​

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This month the bluefin tuna really start to heat up. The bite is on fire during this month. It is not rare to see one of these giants completely come out of the water in the hopes of a mouthful of Mackerel. The weather tends to start picking up around this time as well which usually turns on the tuna more than ever! 5-8 foot seas are not uncommon which can be difficult for loads of customers but for the real hardcore anglers it is pure bliss. The fish always seem to hit the decks in record numbers when its "nasty" weather. Striped Bass continue to eat and the larger fish tend to start biting without as much hesitation.

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Giant Pollock start to show up around the banks and even some spots inshore. The Giant Tuna are still kicking around but as the weather starts getting increasingly worse we will stay inshore and not risk it. The inshore species are still active and tend to be larger than in the Spring. Striped Bass are still lurking just not in the numbers in the summer. Flounder fishing starts to heat up as well. The Tautog tend to start showing up as well. Multispecies slams are available for the inshore speices. We try and knock off the Striped Bass first, Winter Flounder second, and lastly we try and locate Tautog.

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